Welcome Back

So, you may have noticed there hasn't been a new post on JHM for over a week now and may have come across the big lock screen that's been covering my site for the past few days. If you follow me on Twitter, then you would have seen me tweeting about some changes that are happening, including a big re launch / re design of Jasmine Harding Makeup. Since moving JHM over to Square Space, I've been able to try out different things with my blog which resulted in a re design about 3 months ago but since then, I've had a whole set of new ideas that I want to bring to JHM and the only way to bring them forward, was by having a week of no blogging and just spending my time re designing. After CSS coding after CSS coding and many a trial and error, I want to welcome you, the newly designing, Jasmine Harding Makeup. 

With this re design, I will be bringing back daily blogging which I cannot wait to start doing.  Blogging has become such a huge part of my life with writing and beauty being two passions of mine so doing what I love every day is amazing. Not only will I be posting daily but I will be introducing a new series to my blog and a new category of posts, every so often, I will be posting anything from life update posts to blogging tips, but of course, JHM remains a truly beauty based blog.


I've added in some new features to my design which I hope will help you navigate your way around my site and overall, enjoy my blog. Here's a list of whats new! 

An FAQ Page: To answer some of your questions, I put together a page to help you get to know a bit more about me and what tools I use for blogging etc. 

The Contact Form: To make things easier for you, if you have any questions that aren't answered on my FAQ page, then I've created a contact form where you simply enter your name, email and message, that only I can read. If you prefer, then please tweet me! 

The Weekly Newsletter: To keep you all informed and updated on JHM and whats been happening for the week, I've introduced a newsletter which will be sent out once a week and will include updates on my week, the most popular posts of the week, some behind the scene action of whats happening on JHM and much more! 

The New Reading List: As I aim for JHM to become much more of a graphic, photo based site, I wanted to start including this in with my features. Starting with my reading list where I've added a photo from each blog and have written a few lines about what to expect and why I love these blogs. 

Home Page Category: To make it easier for people to find the type of post they are looking for, I've add Beauty, Lifestyle and Skincare categories. The beautiful images have come from Its Pink Pots free photo pack which you can download here

I hope you enjoy the new design - please tweet me / comment your thoughts! Thank you for following JHM and I can't wait to share my new posts with you!