What's New: Iaso BB Cream

Sophisticated, prestigious and premium brand Iaso, is becoming a global success in the beauty world. With a product range starting from staple toners to at home facials, Iaso is a luxury brand which has incredible skin results both in the skincare and makeup department. I'm introducing the brand to you with one of my favourite of their products, a BB Cream that has endless benefits and a beautiful finish. Although Autumn is in full swing, I don't want to be wearing a foundation every day so once in a while, I'll keep things simple and apply a light layer of BB cream and for the past couple of weeks, I've been loving this Iaso offering. 

The Iaso Triple Protection BB Cream* is the perfect every day base with it's SPF 30 and is suitable for every skin type, making it a base, for everyone. Coming in one shade, this is designed for fair skinned girls and is a one shade suits all cream with the formula adapting to your skin colour once applied. I'm usually wary of using formulas like this, but I am so impressed with the Iaso BB. As soon as I apply it to my skin and start buffing it in, it creates the perfect match for my skin tone and blends in seamlessly, creating a flawless looking canvas. With a light to medium liquid consistency, this is quick and easy to buff in and doesn't require much blending, whether I apply it with my fingers, beauty blender or a brush, it looks flawless every time. Whilst this creates natural looking skin with a touch of radiance, it protects with it's high SPF or 30 and aids in brightening ones complexion. As it's packed full of whitening ingredients, not only does this tackle anti ageing it aims to improve dull and lacklustre looking skin, resulting in a youthful, all over glow. 

The finish of this light weight cream is incredibly illuminating, without being glittery nor shimmery. It really evens out the skin tone without masking it and allows your natural skin to show through. As the weather gets colder, some skin types get drier so this is an ideal base for the month of October, with a light coverage, this is incredibly moisturising and calming to the skin, helping to sooth and relax tired skin. 

IASO are offering my readers 15% off all products on their website. Simply use the discount code JASMINE at the checkout! Let me know if you pick anything up! Their Intensive Clear Booster* and Purifying Toner* are my top skincare picks! 

What's your favourite Autumn base?