The Everyday Summer Bag

Aswell as changing up my makeup bag for Summer, I always empty my handbag and give it a little summer mix up. Out with the old, in with the new. I am a bit of a bag freak so every now and then I'll have a rummage and take out any rubbish or stuff I'm not using and replace it with something that is handbag worthy, like a new lip balm. I am pretty organised with my bag and chuck in the essential umbrella, purse, head phones, phone charger, phone and then I go in with a few beauty extras that will keep me glowing all day and protected from the sun. I don't want my handbag to be tooooo heavy so multi tasking products are key and sticking to the absolute minimum is what yuo want to do. After years of handbag practice, I've become pretty good and keeping my bag minimal and just carrying around the essentials. Saying that, if it's a big bag then my whole makeup bag will be in there. But essentials, right? So with summer ahead, here's my new worthy additions to my bag... 

First up, suncream. For me, this is an absolute essential in summer and something I won't leave the house without, you never know when the sun will be pumping out 25 degree heat and the last thing I want to do, is burn. So a bottle of Clarins Dry Oil SPF 15 is my bag buddy. I much prefer using oils for my suncream mainly because I don't like the greasy and sticky feel creams leave so a dry oil like this is perfect for slapping on when you're on the go, not at all messy and dries in an instant. Aswell as protecting your skin, protecting your hair is vital so my Mark Hill Cover Up Protectant Spray has been added to the bag. I lightly spritz this over my hair to stop it drying out or going frizzy. Job done. For some reason, I like carrying around a mini bottle of Batiste Dry ShampooI hate the feeling of greasy hair so a little spray of this every now and then is great for de greasing and giving me a little on the go ooomph. Hand Sanitiszer is the one thing I will not and cannot leave the house without, I'm always using this when I'm out and about, whether it's after I've eaten or when my hands are just feeling grubby, I squidge this out to re fresh my hands and kill all the nasty germs lurking on them. I personally much prefer The Body Shop Pink Grapefruit gel to the standard ones you can get in Boots as it has a zesty scent to it and doesn't smell too strong and chemically like the others. I do take a few makeup bits with my in summer but as I keep my face pretty low in the makeup department on a hot summers day then I only really need a few essentials for touch ups. A tube of the Elemis Pro Radiance Illuminating Beauty Flash Balm for an instant glow boost when I need it or for a dose of moisturiser if my skin is feeling dry and a tube of the Estee Lauder BB Brush On Glow to keep my dark circles hidden and to cover any pesky blemishes that may appear in the day. I'll also never leave the house without a lip balm as dry lips is just not my thaaang and my REN Vita Mineral Lip Balm is my current go to with it's smooth balmy texture that hydrates and nourishes the driest of lips. 

Lastlyyyyy we have my phone. The all time handbag ESSENTIAL. I have the iPhone 5s in Gold and have a new exciting case to show off to you. One thing I'm always doing is changing my phone case and after seeing this beautiful feather case all over Instagram when I had one land on my door step, I couldn't wait to get it on my phone. The Cat Sims Feather 5s* was my case of choice for the soft feather design. The case itself feels incredibly sleek and smooth to hold with a hard back and sides that protect my phone but make it look beautiful at the same time. For Β£15 this is a really amazing case, it fits my phone perfectly and I've had a number of compliments on it since. I can't stop looking at it! With cases available in all patterns for iPhones 5c, 5s, 6 and the 6+, Iconemesis is a great brand with some great cases, there is one for everyone! This is the perfect addition to my summer bag!

What do you carry around in your summer bag?

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