3 Blogs | The Daily Reads

Before I was a blogger myself I used to spend hours of my day reading through blogs and this is something I've continued to do since be a blogger myself. The only difference being, I have discovered so many new incredible blogs since starting JHM which are now some of my favourite blogs to have a scroll through. I've become kinda hooked and some would say obsessed with reading blogs, whether it's because they've uploaded a new post or purely because I can't click off there blog and end up re reading posts. Before I make myself sound like a complete stalker, here is the first of my Daily Reads series, and I'm kicking things off with 3 uhhh-mazing blogs and 3 totally great gals. 

THATGRACEGIRL | If you're looking for a new beauty / skincare / haircare blog to follow with a few lifestyle bits chucked in then follow that link. Since discovering Grace's blog, there hasn't been a day when I haven't read it. Her beauty reviews, skincare regimes and category focussed posts couldn't be better written, the photo's couldn't be better presented and the posts in general are all fab, I simply cannot fault it. THATGRACEGIRL, really is in my top 3 favourite blogs, every time I see there's a new post for me to read, I stop what I'm doing and have a read. As for Grace herself, she is so lovely - always interacting with her readers, replies to every comment and is happy to chat. It's a 10 outta 10 from me. 

COCOCHICBLOG | Not only does Stephanie have a totally fabulous blog which I can't keep my eyes off, she is SUCH a babe. With COCOCHIC you can expect style posts which always make my wish list longer, beauty box reviews, blog post ideas if you're having a mental block and she is currently doing a super duper helpful Blog Tips series where you will be taught everything from how to generate traffic to how to be a successful / productive blogger. Blog aside, Stephanie also runs a YouTube channel which is just my favourite thing. Her YouTube Channel is much more beauty based with favourites, makeup looks and hauls, so if thats the kinda thing your into, then head over to her channel here, NOW and SUBSRIBE. You'll find me stumbling onto Stephanie's blog & YT not just once, but twice a day. Great gal. When can I meet you?

LIKENEONLOVE | If there's one blog that makes me want to completely change mine, then it's Tenneil. Everything from the name, to the crisp photos and the clear layout catches my eye and makes me come back for more every time. LIKENEONLOVE mostly offers beauty posts, some of my favourites being her one brand looks, the seasonal edits and some special skin care editions which make my endless wish list, even more endless. Just like my other favourites Grace and Stephanie, Tenneil takes time to reply to all comments and will chat to you on Twitter if you send a tweet whether it's a blog related question, or just general chit chat. Another blog I read daily and am always looking on in hope a new post has miraculously appeared! 

Who are your favourite bloggers & will they be featured in next weeks 3 favs?