NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer VS Urban Decay Naked Concealer

If you're a frequent reader of JHM, then you may have noticed that I'm always wearing my Urban Decay Naked Concealer (£17.50)it's made an appearance in a number of favourites, a few makeup looks and has managed to wriggle it's way into my must have products. Now, I think nearly every blogger hopped on the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer (£22) hype, within a matter of days of it being released, it was all over my BlogLovin' and I have lost count of the number of reviews I've read of it. Surprisingly, I actually didn't give into the hype and waited for Urban Decay to release their new concealer as I wanted to try something different but sooner or later, the NARS concealer was bound to appear on my makeup table... 

Discovering the Urban Decay one was a big game changer in concealer history for me, I was on the hunt for the 'perfect' concealer at the time and was waiting for one to come along that camouflaged blemishes, covered dark circles and brightened my face, it was the all in one concealer battle, so when I picked up this and instantly fell in love, I was happy as larry. However, here comes the big game changer, when I had the NARS makeup artist create a look on me, I was totally swooning over the way NARS' creamy concealer applied, the finish, the colour, the applicator, it was a real 'fall in love' with a product moment from the moment it was put on to the moment I took it off, but all I could think about was just how similar it was to Urban Decay's. Packaging wise, they are pretty much identical- small thin tube with a doe-foot applicator which picks up a decent amount of product, it's not until the application, formula and finish are experienced that things start to get really exciting and is what got me loving both products. 

Starting with the shade selection, NARS are offering 10 shades and I really do believe that there is a shade for everyone with this one, something for the fairest of skin tones and the darkest, whilst Urban Decay only offer 8 and don't have such a variety of shades available and the shades definitely don't go as dark as the NARS ones do, but all in all, both have a pretty good selection. Application wise, Urban Decay have really won me over. The long bendy wand makes application incredibly easy and the doe-foot sponge picks up the perfect amount of product to do your entire face, so there is no need for double dippin'. NARS have also gone for the same doe-foot applicator, but it just doesn't pick up enough product to do the whole face, so I find myself having to go back in for more if I'm not just covering the dark circles. Despite being named a 'radiant creamy' concealer, the consistency is actually pretty heavy and thick in comparison to Urban Decay, which is very light weight and thin with a beautiful creamy texture. On the days when blemishes are just popping up all over the show then NARS is the best option as it's got a higher coverage and works best for covering up redness/spots whereas on good skin days and every day for under the eye,

Urban Decay have made the perfect concealer as it's light texture makes it ideal for highlighting the face, brightening under the eye area whilst it also has the power to cover small blemishes with it's lasting power and high pigmentation. In terms of finish, paired with a beautiful light base, Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer gives you the ultimate dewy satin skin and works wonders on normal/dry skin types whereas

NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer is the one you want when you're after a flawless finish that will take you through day to night and probably works best for the oily skinned girls. 

Have you tried these concealers? If not, which will you be picking up?