Essential Brushes

For amazing skin, you need a good skincare regime and for flawless makeup, you need the right tools. Brushes are absolutely essential to makeup application and make such a difference to the way your products apply and the end results. Saying this, some foundations are made to blend in with your fingers and some concealers work with the warmth of your fingers; Benefit Erase Paste and Bobbi Brown Corrector for example... Everyone has the brushes they can't live without, or are the game changers in their makeup routine, so I thought I would share with you some brushes I am currently lovvvving. 

For a bit of everything | Real Techniques Powder Brush: I don't really have a specific purpose for this one, it's kind of the brush that does it all and the one I use for a bit of everything... The large domed bristles make it the ideal size to cover the entire face, making it a really easy brush for blending bronzer or getting rid of any harsh lines. This is also a good one for powder, I use the smallest amount of product and lightly dust this in my T-Zone to keep everything in place and I even use this for blush sometimes, in a upward motion from the apples. A great multi-tasking brush that can be used for anything you wish! 

For bronzer | Real Techniques Blush Brush: This is the perfect brush for bronzer. The soft bristles pick up just the right amount of product and the tapered head applies it to all the right places. I simply swirl this around in my bronzer and apply it to my cheeks in circular motions and use what's left to dust over my temples and down my neck. 

For sculpted cheekbones | Spectrum Angled Blush Brush: If you're after the cheekbones of cheekbones, then this is the brush you need. The bristles are super duper soft and perfectly packed together at an angle, making it the perfect size for getting into the hollows of those cheeks. Once I've swished this around in my Anastasia Contour Kit, I sweep this back and forth just below my cheek bones for some extra definition. Oh, and this is a perfect dupe for the MAC 186 Brush. Bargain. 

For natural looking blush | MAC 130 Short Duo Fibre Face Brush: Sometimes when I'm wearing a cream or liquid blush, I like to use a stippling brush instead of my fingers, to apply a lighter layer and to ensure it is all blending in properly. With my MAC Cream Blush, this is deal, the small bristles pick up enough product for a flush of peachy pink but not so much I look like a clown. When I'm reaching for my Benefit Cheek Tints, I pop the product on the back of my hand and swirl this brush around in it before applying it in circular motions to my cheeks. The results are as natural as blush can be and everything is seamlessly blended into one. 

For the perfect eye shadow | MAC 235 All Over Eye Brush: This is possibly the easiest, softest and just the best ever brush for eye shadow. Like all MAC brushes, the bristles are so so soft and the rounded top can be used to really get into the crease of the lids or I literally use this to apply shadow all over the lid or to blend colours together. Whatever eye look I'm going for, I won't do it without this little brush, it's an essential in my collection and makes eye shadow application effortless! 

Which makeup brushes change your routine?