April Favourites

I can't really believe that April is now over and we are moving into May, where is this year going?! Soon it will be Summer and we will all be picking up the new collections for August favourites and then we will be back into the Autumnal berries and metallic gold eyes... Thinking ahead y'see. But, back to April... As I've moved through the month of April, I've actually had a pretty tame makeup month, I've tried to hold back on spending and haven't taken as many visits to Boots and Selfridges, but still a few. For me, April has been all about prepping my skin for Summer, doing all I can to keep it clear and amp up the glow so I've been having as many 'no makeup' days as possible, which has been do-able with the amount of uni work I have had on. Eurgh. When I do venture out however, I am still sticking to a light base with a nude lip and a tonne of highlighter, that'll be the look that will take me through Spring to Summer. Today I'm talking skincare, makeup and we even have a hair favourite which has saved my hair this month. There's a few products I have mentioned on the blog throughout April, some that haven't been mentioned for a while and some that are recently ventured into my collection. Lets go... 

Starting with the favourite of them all, I have a new must have cleanser; LUSH Angels On Bare Skin* I've mentioned this in my Lush Haul and my Spring Skincare Routine and I'm sorry but it's being mentioned again, it is that good. This definitely isn't your average cream, gel or foam cleanser, it's a solid paste which when mixed with water, the almond milk emulsifies and you are left with an easy to work with paste. This is packed with almonds, rose oil and lavender oil to gently exfoliate, restore and balance the skin leaving you with a brightened clearer complexion. I've been using this as my every day cleanser, mornings and evenings and the difference it has made to my skin is really amazing, there has been a lot more foundation free days since using this... and that is always good.  Another skincare product I have been loving recently is The Body Shop Vitamin E Hydrating Toner. I finally got my hands on the Vitamin E range and this has been a stand out product for me. It's very different to most toner waters where it feels almost velvety in texture leaving your skin feeling silky and soft, free from impurities. I use this every day after I have cleansed and exfoliated to ensure my face is properly clean before I apply my moisturiser. 

Since having a pretty big 'trim' of my hair, I wanted to keep it in good condition and not let it get super dry again which of course means picking up lots of new hair products. I've been testing different products along the way to help keep my hair nourished and the one that has made the most difference and I now swear by, is the Organix Macademia Oil. If you want silky, nourished and hydrated locks with a beautiful shine, then this is your guy. I drench my ends in this after I shower to instantly hydrate and replenish any lost oils and when my hair is dry, my ends are so incredibly soft and healthy looking. 

Now for the makeup favourites... On my cheeks I have been loving my Revlon Bronze Glow Highlighting Palette* which I received in my Boots box of goodies and have been wearing it nearly non stop ever since. This is the ultimate dupe for the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Bricks, just not soooo shimmery, I would say more of a sheen, but none the less, they are beautiful. The golden bronze adds a really lovely glow to the cheeks that looks natural, adding that sun kissed look. What I find so handy about this is that you don't have to go in with bronzer and a blush, I just swirl my brush around and dust it over my cheeks, so quick and easy with amazing results. 

Another cheek product I've been loving and should I say, one that I have gone back to, is the Kiko Face Sculpting Duo from their Daring Game collection around Christmas time, meaning this is sadly sold out now, but Sleek have some lovely bronze & highlight kits. I'm all for the contoured cheek bones and highlighted face but sometimes I like things a little more natural and subtle, which this is perfect for. The cool toned bronze shade lightly warms up my face and adds some extra definition and I also love to wear it as an all over bronzer. The highlight shade is so buttery and soft, it's not packed with glitter or shimmer, it's just a very natural, champagne highlight which adds a natural glow. 

Steering away from the subtle highlight, a product which gives me the most amazing golden glow is the Smashbox Gold Highlighting Wand* When I'm not wearing Benefit High Beam or my MAC Cream Colour Base, I'm wearing this. The liquid gold formula is so easy to apply with the pump up brush style pen, meaning I can dab it straight on and pat it in either with the brush or my fingers. This is such a stand out highlighter so if you're all for the glow like me then you'll love it, however if you're not into the whole highlight thang then I would stray away and gravitate towards something a little more subtle. 

Something that's been on my eyes all month and has been my go to eye shadow is my mini Benefit Cream Eye Shadow in Two Cents. The golden bronze is a really easy every day shade which goes with any makeup look and the little cream pots have such an amazing consistency. They apply so so creamy and glide on but set within about 30 seconds and don't budge all day, you can apply a small layer for a subtle hint of colour or really build the colour up on top of it and blend it out after each layer.  I've replaced my favourite Velvet Teddy this month with a much paler, less matte nude option and I am completely obsessed. Yes, it's the Burberry Kisses Lipstick in Nude Beige. This is the perfect neutral nude which is comfortable to wear, long lasting and has a slight sheen to it's finish, making it the Spring lip. The creamy formula is intensely hydrating and nourishing with a build-able colour which easily layers up but stays smooth. 

I am still totally obsessed with my Charlotte Tilbury Full Fat Lashes, but there is a new mascara love which featured in my most recent Weekly Favourites #5... Urban Decay Perversion Lashes*. The wand on this is very similar to my CT, which could be why I love it so much as it glides onto my lashes, building volume and drama but keeping them extended and curled. 

Of course there had to be a nail favourite in here and I feel I should have mentioned my Lola Bluebell aswell as that's what I've been wearing this past week, but from the beginning of the month up until now, I lived in Barry M Speedy Quick Dry Polish in Eat My Dust. The perfect pale pastel blue for Spring. You all know by now that Barry M polishes are so easy to apply and two coats is just enough for an opaque layer with a subtle shine finish. 

The last favourite for this month is a new brush love - the LancΓ΄me Cheek Brush*. Despite being made for contour, I don't tend to stick to what brushes are supposed to be for so this has become my new blush brush. The flat brush is an ideal size for blusher application as it perfectly sits on the apples of my cheeks where I can lightly dust a fresh layer of colour on. 

What were your favourites this month?