Currently Testing | The Body Shop Vitamin E Range

Are you ever in the mood just to go and out and buy a load of different skincare to test out? Yup, I have been. Over the past two/three weeks, I haven't been buying as much makeup as usual and have been obsessing over skincare, so much that I would sit and add things to my list each night... not healthy Jasmine. After my huge

Lush Haul

I thought I would tell you about some other products I've been trying recently to try and sort my dehydrated skin out. The Body Shop is one of those brands that people never know whether to call it Drugstore or High End, but most of their products are under the Β£10 mark so I'm going to stick them in the drugstore category. I've never actually tried much of their skincare before, other than the

Vitamin C Cleansing Face Wash

which is a complete life saver in the mornings, so when I was on the hunt for some hydrating products I thought I would give some of their other stuff a go. The Vitamin E range is designed for dehydrated skin, so I bought these bits in hope my skin would be hydrated and glowing again. 

As the weather gets warmer and makeup gets thinner, carrying around a light face mist with me is essential to get my spritz on when I'm feeling a tad hot. The

Vitamin E Face Mist

 is the perfect pick me up throughout the day or between skincare steps. The light shower of hydration replenishes any lost moisture and instantly refreshes my skin. If my skin is feeling particularly dull then after I've toned, I'll add a spray of this in before my moisturiser. This is a handbag and bathroom shelf essential. 

It wasn't until I discovered the Lush Roma Water and this

Vitamin E Hydrating Toner

that I actually fell in love with a toner. I've had ones in the past which I got along with, but recently, nothing has really been doing much for my skin or making a difference so a good toner was top of the list to find. The Body Shop Vitamin E has a beautiful velvet feel to it which removes any last bits of makeup, adds moisture and a glow. Since using this, it's become a huge part of my morning skincare routine to prep my skin for the day. 

I'm usually pretty lazy with my night creams and opt for a layer of face oil and my usual day moisturiser, but with my skin being on the dry/dehydrated side I decided it was time to get a proper night cream to really nourish my skin overnight. The

Vitamin E Night Cream

is rich in oils and moisture to give you an intense dose of hydration over night. The thick cream soaks into my skin beautifully leaving it smooth, soft and radiant. 

What skincare products have you been trying recently? Have you tried The Body Shop Vitamin E range?