The Glow Getters

I've never been a huuuge fan of the whole matte full coverage base, I've always been into lighter, luminous, glowing skin, I'm all about embracing that natural radiance and having healthy looking skin. Because of my obsession with glowing skin, the majority of my makeup stash consists of products which give me the glow and help wake up my skin, all which are great for when I am lacking sleep or my skin needs an instant light boost! I've had a good ole' rummage in my stash and have picked out my little glowing babies...

They key to getting your skin oooozing with natural radiance is a good skincare regime with the


 products. I go for an exfoliating brightening face wash that I can use daily,


is a good'un, a gentle cleanser,

Liz Earle Cleanse 'n' Polish

, a rose water/toner,




and a super duper hydrating moisturiser,






are all good options. Once you've got this sorted, you are ready to GLOW.

I never used to be into using primers or any kind of product underneath my makeup other than moisturiser, purely down to the fact that I've never found one that actually works and does the job right. However, since working my way around every Selfridges beauty stand and testing out the all-over glow maximisers on my hands, I thought it was time to give some a go. These aren't something I would use everyday but on the days when my skin is looking dull, feeling grey and lacking radiance, these amp up my pre foundation glow perfectly. The

By Terry Hyaluronic Face Glow

 is one I have been loving recently, it's light texture smooths over my face adding a warm subtle glow. The slightly bronze shade adds that little extra colour which makes me look less zombie like, and if I'm going for a really light base, this works as a beautiful foundation alternative. One that I tend to use on days where I'm seriously lacking glow and need some 'glimmer' added into my skin is the

Soap and Glory Hocus Focus

. This stuff is a full on, pearly/white shimmer that gives me some serious dewy skin. You need the teeniest tiniest amount of this and you are instantly illuminated. In the words of Soap and Glory themselves, it really is a 'blast of brilliance'.

I am a serious neglector of the matte foundations, my skin screams no to me when I hear/see the words full coverage and matte on one bottle. I am the girl who loves a fresh, glowing base, whether it's a foundation or tinted moisturiser, light or medium coverage, water based or not, my skin loves the glow and sucks up anything with the word glow, radiant or luminous in the title. In the Autumn/winter I still want something that gives me a decent amount of coverage as this is the time of year I get my little blemishes so the newest newbie in my foundation favs,

NARS Sheer Glow

has been perfect this season. Adding a subtle, natural glow exactly where you want it, with a light application and one that suits all skin types, the name Sheer Glow is absolutely spot on. As the weather gets warmer and the evenings get lighter, so does my foundation choice.

Laura Mercier Illuminating Tinted Moisturiser

is my favourite. A lightweight, radiant base which evens out my skin tone, adds a bit of colour and gives me some serious, and I am talking


 luminosity and glow to my skin. I don't go a day in Summer without this on my skin!

Estēe Lauder has given you hours to glow with the 

Brush-On Glow BB Highlighte


her very own version of the YSL Touche Clat. This twist up style clicky pen is not just something to fake that glow, it corrects, conceals, brightens and hydrates any areas you want to perk up that little extra. If your dark circles are putting up a fight then this will shoot 'em down.

Now lets get down to the real deal, the biggest and bestest glow-getters of all time, it's the highlighters. For a soft, subtle champagne glow then dab some

Benefit Watt's Up

on your cheek bones, down the bridge of your nose and you will be catching the light everywhere you go. With little blending needed and some serious lasting power, this can be applied in seconds in the mornings or on the go to amp it up a notch throughout the day. If you want a highlighter than screams 'I'm Here' then

Benefit High Beam

gets a gold star. This has been my go to highlighter throughout the winter, why? The pink liquid creates a beautiful satin radiant glow which has been an essential to light up my dull winter skin like a light bulb! Another pot of glow for the girl that prefers a subtle highlight is

MAC Cream Colour Base

in Hush, a soft peach cream highlight which blends perfectly over makeup on the tops of my cheek bones for a luminous, dewy effect.

Something I sometimes do to really get a glow all over, is add some sparkle to my eyes. A champagne baked eye shadow is your best option for this, the intensity looks beautiful when packed onto the lid and it really stands out, perfecting your glowing complexion. A favourite of mine for this is the

Laura Mercier Eye Shadow in Ballet Pink


Grab your highlighters, glow getters or luminsers, dab, swipe, brush on and you will have that super model glow like Rosie Huntington Whitely in a flash.

What are your favourite products to make you glow?