The Fabulous Budget Concealer

All of my regular readers will know just how much I love this concealer, it pops up in many of my makeup menus and I am always recommending it to my fellow beauty babes. I cannot believe I am yet to do a full review on it, shocking I know but the day has come where I finally rave on and on about how awesome the Maybelline Instant Anti-Age The Eraser Eye Perfect & Cover Concealer is. (Possibly the longest concealer name in history) When it comes to drugstore concealers, I have tried a fair few and do love my trusty Rimmel Wake Me Up but this is definitely the one that stands out the most and here is why...

I use the lightest shade in this and it happens to be the absolute perfect match to my skin tone, if not an incy bit lighter making it a perfect yellow but not toooo yellow shade for brightening under the eye. The formula is creamy in consistency meaning it is a dream to blend and despite it being incredibly light, it actually does a good job at covering up any nasty blemishes and concealing dark circles for when I'm looking zombie-like. Nothing makes me want a product more if it promises to get rid of any dark circles. Thank you Maybelline. 

Now the slightly bizarre thing about this concealer is the applicator, don't get me wrong, I love it, but it is kind of weird... It's basically a round dome shaped sponge which the product comes out of once you've twisted it up at the bottom. This does make it incredibly easy to apply, you can literally swipe it on anywhere you need straight from the tube and then use your fingers to push it in or a beauty blender/brush. The lid does get a tad messy on the inside with this one but we can deal with that girls. For Β£7.99, you are in for a winner with this one and I personally haven't found better than this in the drugstore.

What drugstore concealers do you all love using & are there any I am missing out on?!
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