The Best Products For Hydrated Skin

My skin has been the most dehydrated it has been in my entire life these past two months. No dry patches or scaly skin, I can just tell it is dehydrated and isn't as plump and juicy as usual. The chilly weather paired with my small, stuffy uni room is the worst possible thing for my skin and just sucks all moisture out so I have been layering on the products to amp up the hydration levels. I had my hydration levels tested at a Kheil's shop and I was horrified at the results- at my age my hydration levels should be in the 50-60's and I mine was measured at 31. Shocking. Since then, I have been using every single hydrating product on my bathroom shelf but there have been some real stand out products which have transformed my skin. The most obvious thing is to drink more water, which I am trying to do but I also think plenty of oils and moisture masks are an essential. Here are my must have products to boost your skins hydration...

The Facial Oil and Cleanser... Superfacialist Rose Miracle Makeover Oil. I am still just as in love with my Liz Earle Hot Cloth cleanser and it will always be my all time favourite, but when hydration levels have hit an all time low, I delve into this oil based cleanser as it is just he most moisturising product ever. My skin is instantly juicy and glowing, it is a complete gam changer- radiance is revealed and my complexion overall is a lot smoother.

The Intense Moisture Mask... Clarins Hydraquench Cream Mask. When a product is specially designed for de-hydrated skin, you know it's going to be a good'u, especially when its a Clarins product. This is one of those masks that you generously slap on and leave to sink in and let me tell you, the results with this are totally fab. The thick cream is intensely hydrating and restores radiance, moisture and refreshens your skin completely. For nights when my skin is feeling tight and uncomfortable, I slather this on for refreshed skin.

The Must Have Eye Gel... Ren Vita Mineral Active Eye Gel. There is nothing worse than when your concealer doesn't blend in properly under your eyes or just looks dry and not right so I always apply an eye gel both AM and PM to keep the ski hydrated and soft. I find eye gels are much more effective than creams- cooling, hydrating and my skin just sucks up the moisture. Since buying this, I've used it everyday and it has made a massive difference in both the texture of my eyes and dark circles are less obvious. This is an absolute must have for anyone.

The Primer That Changed It All... NARS Multi Protect Primer. Something I never understood was why my foundation looked dry in some places,  didn't blend in properly or just looked 'ugh' on my skin. This was all down to not wearing a primer- since buying NARS Sheer Glow, I have used a primer underneath every day and it is the best thing I've ever done. This primer is packed with skin benefiting ingredients which soothe, protect and hydrate my skin, leaving me with a foundation ready base that will blend in seamlessly and look flawless.

What are your go to hydrating products?
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