Perfect Pairs Of The Beauty World

Since I've been trying out different beauty bits for a while now, along the way I have definitely found some failsafe combinations which compliment each other so well and make the perfect pairs. Of course I mix and match these products with other items but if I'm ever unsure on what products to use with what, these are always the combinations I will pick as I know they work so well together. With a newly discovered old favourite and some staples that will always be in my makeup bag, lets talk about the Brad and Angelina's of the beauty world...

Bourjois Chocolate Bronzer & MAC 187 Brush... As all JHM readers know, this bronzer has been the best in the drugstore for me, but I was recently going off it and was looking for something else (scandalous) but wanted to try different ways of applying it before completely forgetting about it. Having previously been using my RT Blush Brush, I have a new brush discovery for bronzer. My old go - to foundation brush, now the perfect bronzer brush; it picks up just the right amount of product, the bristles are super soft and spread out so it doesn't pack on a load of colour and the finish is as natural as I think I will ever get my bronzer. This is definitely a new pair which I will be using on the daily from now on...

NARS Sheer Glow in Gobi & Estee Lauder BB Glow... As a medium coverage foundation, this offers a good deal of coverage and an incredible all over glow but to really amp up the glow in certain places like under my eyes and down the bridge of my nose, I love using a highlighting concealer pen. This one is such a light consistency it blends seamlessly into Sheer Glow, leaving a illuminated finish.

NARS Dual Intensity Eye Shadow in Ursa Major & MAC Coffee Eye Pencil... When a matte brown eye shadow is on the cards, a brown eye pencil is vital. This NARS eye shadow is a must have brown for you eye shadow girls and paired with NARS Europa, this gives my favourite shadow look, but my coffee eye pencil is a real game changer. I use this along my top lash line to really open up my eyes and as I am incapable of using liquid eye liner, this used as an eye liner smudged out adds that little extra something.

MAC Lady Blush Cream Blush & MAC Hush Highlighter... My much loved favourite cream blush is a saviour for dull skin days and adds a fresh peachy pink flush of colour to the apples of my cheeks. As this is a more on the sides of cream blushes and doesn't have any shimmer in it, using a cream highlighter to go with it is essential and Hush is the ideal match. A warm champagne peach which blends in with the cream blush for a subtle glow.

Topshop Naturist Lipstick & Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Lip Liner... These are by far my staple products for the perfect nude lip. When used alone these are great products but when used together, they are incredible. Pillow Talk is a 'my lips but better' pink which evens everything out and works as a good base colour and Naturist is just the nude lipstick that everyone needs. The colour is perfection, the finish is beautiful and the overall look rocks.

NARS Coconut Groove Eye Shadow & NARS Brow Gel... If I'm having a 'au natural' brow day then this brow gel works perfectly at straightening out my hairs, keeping them in place all day and giving a naturally groomed look. However... when I'm going for the full on, defined brow, Coconut Groove is brought into action. Using an eye shadow for my eye brows has completely transformed my brow routine, I now find it sooo much easier than using any other product. Pencils (The Kevin Aucoin Brow Definer is an exception) and brow kits are no longer friends of mine. Coconut Groove is a dark brown, finely milled powder which adds colour and gives definition.

MAC Velvet Teddy & The Body Shop Lip Liner in Beech... Finding the ultimate lipstick and lip liner match can be very hard and sometimes lipsticks just don't have the perfect liner to go with them, but when Velvet Teddy planted itself in my makeup bag, my Beech lip liner finally found it's match. The colours are almost identical meaning there is no awkward line on your lips where the colours don't match, not a good look... The results? Precise and plump perfectly matched lips.

What are your go to makeup pairs?
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