My Top 5 Pink Lipsticks

I find it hard to find the 'perfect pink' lipstick that suits my skin tone and I actually enjoy wearing, I think it's because I am always wearing nude lipsticks or if I go out then I'll wear a bold lip, pink has just never been my kinda lip, up until recently... I was going through my lipsticks and was picking out favourites and finding ones I hadn't worn for ages, and I was actually surprised at how many pink lipsticks I had which I loved the colour of. They've all been in my collection for a long time now and you all know I am a massive fan of Kiko makeup and the Bourjois liquid lipsticks, so these were bound to be in this post, but the others, some I have mentioned before and the others I am introducing to my blog today... Looking at the swatches, you can probably tell I am into dusky/rose pinks and I'm not the bright pink lip kinda gal, so starting with the left swatch, here are the 5 lipsticks that made the cut. 

THE BUDGET ONE - Kiko Smart Lipstick in Candy Rose - £3.90. For the affordable price these are, they are by far the best ever drugstore lipstick, less than £5 for these is a seriously good price. The formula is intense, richly pigmented and comfortable to wear giving a smooth, nourishing finish. If you like semi-matte lipsticks and rose coloured lips then you will love this.

THE ONE FOR EVERYONE - Estee Lauder Pure Colour Envy Sculpting Shine in Pink Seduction- £24. A soft rosy pink. I always forget I have this lipstick and every time I'm rummaging through my lipstick pot I find it and fall in love with it all over again, every time. The colour pay off is incredible, so pigmented but not drying in the slightest, they are so creamy and give a beautiful subtle shine finish, not matte but not toooo shimmery. These are so comfortable to wear and the intense colour ensures it lasts all day. This shade is sadly no longer available as Estee Lauder have just re packaged and released a whole new line of colours which are all beautiful. 

THE LIP TREATMENT - Anthropologie Tinted Lip Treatment - £12. This the one for girls who don't like in your face lipsticks and prefer a subtle, sheer finish. The colour is a really pretty peach with a subtle shine and out of all these lip sticks, this is the most fuss free. If I'm having a no makeup day but want to add a little something then I'll wear this or for days when I need that extra bit of moisture and hydration. And... how beautiful is the packaging? 

THE ONE FOR EVERY DAYLipstick Queen Glossy Pencil in Chase - £18. A lipstick, lip gloss and lip pencil all in one stick form? Sold. Seriously girls, you all need one of these, for an everyday lipstick to just chuck on, these are perfect. Easy to apply on the go, moisturising, pigmented and slightly sheeny. If I'm having a day when I don't feel like wearing the full on matte nude with perfectly lined lips then this is what I'll go for. 

THE ONE THATS MATTE - Bourjois Velvet Rouge Edition in Nudeist - £8.99. If you are into long lasting matte lips then this is the one for you. These are a full on intense pop of colour with an amazing light, bouncy formula that is so easy to apply and does not budge once set in place. Layering is not a problem with these bad bois, you can chuck on as many coats as you like and the finish will be just as smooth every time. When I said these don't budge, I meant it, I have to attack my lips with cotton pads, toner and a lip scrub to get this off, it is a battle but not having to touch up your lipstick all day/night makes it 100% worth it. 

What are your favourite pink lipsticks?
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