Face Oils Are The New Thing

Skincare in the form of facial oils is definitely a very much new hyped about thing on the market. Many high end and drugstore brands have brought out some kind of facial oil, whether it is a cleanser, serum or oil they are out there. I was never sure on using an oil on my face as I was always worried it would make my skin greasy, leave a film over my eyes or make me look sweaty and I wasn't keen on walking around looking like a sweat ball or not being able to see! I was wrong... To cut to the chase, I am totally converted since using oils on my skin and they are a new favourite way of removing my makeup and adding extra moisture. I'll stop babbling on now and tell you about the products which have been giving my juicy juicy skin...

Sanctuary Ultimate Cleansing Oil: Since using an oil cleanser to remove my makeup my skin and routine has been transformed. This beautiful cleansing oil infused with four oils and vitamins helps to throughoughly remove my makeup in one go without leaving a greasy film or excess oil. I dispense about two pumps of this into the palms of my hands and massage it into my skin, all around my face including my eyes. The oil slightly emulsifies when you apply water and I then take a warm cloth and wash my face. The herbal scent makes this incredibly soothing and leaves my skin clean, hydrated and full of moisture. 

Sanctuary Secret Facial Oil: Plump, rejuvanated, juicy, hydrated, radiant, soft skin in a bottle. This oil is full of goodness, containing rose hip oil, sunflower oil, vitamins and frankencense to soothe, calm and strengthen your skins appearance. One drop of this is enough to do my whole face and I apply it after I've cleansed, before my moisturiser to keep it locked in. My skins hydration levels are instantly replenished and I am left with a beautifully radiant complexion.

Ren Omega Oil Serum: If you are looking for hydration and nourishment then this Ren oil will make it's way to the top of your list. This serum is incredibly rich, full of fatty acids but it is so light in consistency on the skin, it soaks in pretty quickly so need to wait around before you apply moisturiser. I would say this is one of those 'perfect pump' bottles where it dispenses the perfect amount of product. This is amazing for when you are lacking moisture from the cold Winter months and are looking for a skin booster for Spring/Summer.

Sanctuary Massage & Body Oil: Aswell as oils for your face, body oils are also great for keeping your skin moisturised and soft. As soon as my skin starts to feel dry I will slather my body in this to give me a moisture boost all over. The scent of the oil is so relaxing, it's like having a spa treatment in your own home! The appearance of my skin is instantly enhanced looking sculpted, radiant and glowing. A great product for the girls who love slender looking limbs and super soft skin.

Have you tried oils for your skin, which ones are you loving?