4 Ways To Tame Those Brows

I've become obsessed with eyebrows recently and it is the one thing I can't leave the house without doing! I think that having good brows really changes someone's face so I really look after mine. Obviously we've all been through the stage of over plucking our brows, but I soon realised that over plucked brows is not a good look, so I let them grow back. There are different ways in which you can tame, groom and treat your brows so let me take you on an eyebrow adventure...

Brow Gel: This is definitely the easiest way to do your brows and my favourite. You can get clear and coloured brow gels, both instantly adding definition or colour. This is so quick and simple to do and you really can't go wrong with it! Some of my favourites are: Eyeko and No7.

Brow Pencil: To get big bushy brows, this is the one for you! Using a pencil is also a reasonably easy way of doing brows, although be careful not to over draw them too much! Rimmel and Dior are both suitable pencils. 

Brow Kits: For those who love a strong, defined brow. Most kits come with a wax, powder and two brushes. These are quite pigmented so just be careful you don't pick up too much product and end up with a really dark brow! Two I have used are Benefit and Sleek

Eyeshadow: This is definitely the hardest way to fill in your eye brows and I just leave this to the professionals to do, but when you get it right, this is the most natural your eyebrows will look. I haven't actually tried any eye shadows, but I know MAC do some good shades. 

How to shape your eyebrows...

Inner Brow: Place the pencil in front of your face and line it up with the edge of you nose and the inside of your eye! 

Arch: Finding where your arch should be is what you really need to get right! Your pencil should line with the edge of your nose and iris. 

Brow Ending: Place the pencil on the edge of your nose and it should reach the edge of your eye.

What are your favourite brow products? 
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