What's In My Bag?

Ahhhh, my new Zara handbag. This bag really does come everywhere with me, from going out for the day or just to pop out quickly, I can't leave it behind! Giving that a new year has started and I'm heading back to University soon, I thought I would show you what I carry around with me every day.

1. Iphone 5s in Gold and Apple Headphones- Two items I can't leave the house without! My phone has everything I need on it, so I always have this with me. I really like the Iphone headphones as I find they stay in my ear and don't fall out!

2. University Keys and Card- My uni keys and card have to come in my bag with me when I'm at uni so I can access the library, lectures and my flat!

3. Iphone charger- The battery on my phone is awful and so I take my charger with me so if I am near a plug I can charge up my phone.

4. Phone charging case- In case of emergencies... If my phone is dying and I'm not near a plug socket then I put my phone into this and it instantly recharges my phone! I recommend these to anyone who has the same problem with their battery life!

5. Purse- My purse is from All Saints and is my absolute favourite! I got it in 2013 so they no longer have this online :(. In my purse I have lots of random receipts, loyalty cards and obviously money.

6. Ticket holder- Due to how much travelling around on trains at uni, this is essential for me to keep my railcard and train tickets in. Much easier than having to go through my purse trying to find them!

7. Car Keys- Since being back from uni I have had my car, so carry my keys on me at all times.

8. Diary- One of my favourite things in my purse! I carry this around with me as it has my notes in, blog ideas and I write down all my uni work in this too.

9. Pens- Need these to actually write in my diary!

10. Makeup bag- I always always take my makeup bag with me then I leave the house! I keep most products in here incase I need to touch up my makeup or need to re apply for an evening. Sadly, this particular print is no longer available as I got it in the sale last year, but they have lots of other prints online!

11. Handcream- Soap and Glory hand creams are one of my best! I got this in The Next Big Thing set but it can be brought individually also! I find it is more intensive and less greasy than Hand Food.

12. Hand sanitiser- Another Soap and Glory hand product! I love the smell of this and like to carry it around with me so I can keep my hands clean!

13. Hair bands- Hair bands are a must have for me as I am always getting annoyed with my hair and so always end up putting it up. I take at least 3 as I always loose them!

14. Deodrant- Mitchum deodrant is a favourite of mine and they do a spray version aswell incase you don't like roll on.

15. Tissues- I love my Cath Kidston tissues as they match my makeup bag! Tissues are a hand bag essential for me!

16. Face Wipes- I'm using Soap and Glory face wipes at the moment as they came in my Next Big Thing box, however they aren't my favourite as I find they sting my face abit! I take these with me incase I touch up my makeup and need to wipe my hands!

17. Tweezers- These are always floating in the bottom of my bag, very imporant to have on me as we all know what it's like when you find an annoying eyebrow hair and you don't have any tweezers to get it!

18. Nail File- There is nothing worse than going out and breaking a nail to find you don't have a nail file so this comes with me everywhere!

19. Big hair clip- This is great for when I want to clip the top section of my hair up to keep it off my face if I don't want to tie all my hair up. (or have lost all my hair bands)

20. Mirror- A mini mirror is great to have in a handbag, especially if you take your makeup with you so you can see what you're doing when topping up. This one actually came with my Cath Kidston makeup bag.

21. Water- I'm trying to drink more water now so am making sure I take a bottle with me in my bag.

I can't actually find my bag online any more, It must've sold out in the sale :( but Zara always have amazing bags for sale, so go and check them out here and here!

There is a lot of stuff in my bag, I know, but these really are my essentials that I take everywhere with me!
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