The Perfect Lip

Finding the perfect lip combination for you is actually really hard, with having to work out what colours suit you, finding the matching lip liner and what kind of finish you prefer. There is a lot of work to do! After finally finding what I see as my 'perfect lip', here is what I use and what I do to get it.

Line: If you want that Kylie Jenner perfectly plump lip then a lip liner is what you need! I use my Chanel Le Crayon LΓ¨vres in 32 to line my lips, starting at my cupids bow I draw directly on top of my natural lip line and take it all the way to the corner on each side. I then line the bottom, focussing mainly on the centre of my bottom lip to make it appear larger. To make my lipstick last longer I'll fill in my entire lip with the liner.

Fill: To fill my lip in I use Chanel Rouge Hydrabase CrΓ¨me Lipstick in Ingenue. I apply a thick layer of this, making sure I go right up to the line I've drawn in. I prefer to use a brush to apply my lipstick to ensure precision and perfection.

Dab: Grab a piece of loo roll and place it in between your lips and lightly press down. This step will take off the excess lipstick.

Reapply: To really make that lipstick last, apply another a layer on top of the one you just blotted, but this time don't dab it off.

Powder: If I'm wearing a dark or bold lip then I want it to last as long as possible before I have to touch it up or re apply any colour. To really increase the longevity, apply a light dusting of powder to mattify your lipstick.

Highlight: This final step is really for when you're wanting to look super glamorous and I would only do this if I have a special occasion or am going out for the evening. Apply a highlighter to the centre of the lips (both top and bottom) to create a focus. This will make them appear a lot larger.

And there you have it, my perfect lip!