How To Care For Your Hair In The Sun

Just one week ago, I was lying on a beach in Portugal, in 32 degrees heat, desperately trying to get the last bits of sun before flying back home to rainy and grey London (although the weather on my return was better than expected). Whilst in the sun, of course SPF is the most important step in your beauty routine but keeping on top of your haircare, is just as key if you want to avoid coming home with dry, crispy hair. I stuck to a hair routine whilst on holiday, something that took 2 minutes in the morning and an extra step in my evening routine but made all the difference to my hairs texture and appearance. 

Before The Sun

1. Sachuajuan Hair In The Sun / An all over hair protectant when in the sun that doubles up as a styling cream. Hair In The Sun is the ultimate holiday hair product, not only is the bright orange packaging a totally holiday colour, the product has been formulated with ocean silk technology to protect your hair and hair colour from fading and becoming dry. I applied this every morning before stepping outside ands simply ran it through from the roots to ends with my fingers. 

2. PHYTOPLAGE Protective Sun VeilRather than rubbing a cream through your hair each day on holiday, sometimes a spray product is easier and the PHYTOPLAGE Sun Veil is the perfect replacement product for those who want something with a little more ease. The transparent lightweight spray leaves a natural finish on the hair that will protect against the sun, preventing dehydration but also blocks any damage from chlorine or sea salt. This would be in my beach bag everyday as it's great for reapplying throughout the day, no mess, just an quick spritz action.

After The Sun

3. Sachajuan Hair After The SunLike after sun for your body, our hair needs a bit of TLC once out of the sun too, to restore shine and keep it looking healthy and glossy. With the Sachajuan Hair After Sun, my hair was left feeling silky throughout the entire holiday. Applied either post shampoo, pre conditioner and rinsed out, or applied to damp hair, not only did it have a beautiful summer scent, it felt incredibly silky and replenished any dry bits of hair. 

4. Sachajuan Ocean MistWhat better a product to use when o holiday by the sea, than a sea salt spray. The ultimate product to give you that holiday hair of beachy, tousled waves. Ocean Mist is a both a sea salt spray and a hair spray, helping to add texture and volume whilst keeping everything in place. Step out in the evenings looking effortless and as though you've just stepped off the beach with this holiday wonder product. 

Which hair products do you use in the sun?

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