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With hair that used to be down to my hips and as thick as anything, keeping it in tip top condition was always hard and I often found myself neglecting my hair, using straighteners everyday and avoiding any kind of oil or treatment. Until recently, I didn't really have a hair routine and having not had my hair cut for 2 years, it was pretty dry and split so about 2 months ago, I decided to book myself an appointment and do something crazy. This resulted in me having about 10 inches chopped off. AAHHHH. Scary at first as I hadn't had short hair since the age of 4, but it really was this was the best thing I've done with my hair and I am so pleased with my shorter locks. I now have a proper hair routine, use products that are suited to my hair type and treat it with some kind of moroccan or organ oil every night. Something else I've been doing in order to keep my hair not only looking healthy but to stimulate hair growth is using Hair Rev Healthy Growing Hair Supplements* and I'm doing the 1 month supply which goes for Β£19.99. Hair Rev was created to help girls keep their hair looking supple and healthy without having to take anything nasty or constantly get it died and cut. With a drive of delivering hair that us girls dream of, Hair Rev use solely natural ingredients and each tablet is packed full of vitamins that improve your hair from within. HairREV is a totally revolutionary brand that not only have made me feel happier in my hair, but have made my hair feel happier in itself. Here's how the health of my hair has improved with these natural supplements... To make things even more exciting, I have 3 exclusive discount codes for you if you order a supply of HairREV, so keep on reading to the end of the post for all to be revealed.. 


To begin my Hair Rev journey, I thought about the condition of my hair and what I wanted to achieve by the end - hair that is thick, strong and appears glossy at all times. Having just cut my hair off, it was the perfect time to start my 30 day trial so I began taking my 3 daily tablets. You're probably all wondering what is inside these tablets that make your hair grow so let me give you the run down... Starting with Biotin, this is a keep supplement that promotes hair growth by increasing Kertain levels in your body. It increases elasticity and protects hair from getting dry/dehydrated. Zinc helps to keep hair follicles strong ensuing no breakage or split ends. Most of us know just how important Calcium is for our bodies and is in particularly good for hair growth. With several different vitamins ranging from A-D, you are guaranteed all the goodness you can get to achieve healthy, strong hair. If there's one way to get all the goodness into your hair in one easy step and 3 mouthfuls, then this is the way. I simply swallow 3 tablets after breakfast with a glass of water and I am done, back they go for the next day! 


Since taking these tablets I've noticed a number of differences and improvements in the appearance of my hair and in fact, my skin. My hair is no longer shedding each day and leaving strands around the house, nor does a whole batch of hair come out in my hair brush every morning, result. In terms of touch, there hasn't been a day when my hair has felt dry or rough on the ends, everything is smooth and beaming with shine from the roots to the tips. My hair has always been the kind to grow rapidly but I've noticed a huge difference in how much my hair has grown since having it cut, (about 2-3 inches). It's time for a another trim, and this time I'm going shorter! No longer do I wake up with pesky blemishes that have appeared over night and it is very often my skin feels dull and dry, that would be the vitamins working their magic. With HairREV, not only am I improving my hair, my skin and overall health is moving forward positively and I couldn't be happier with how I feel and how my hair looks. Say goodbye to the bad hair days with HairREV... 


HairREV have very kindly offered my readers three exclusive discount codes with their first orders which can be applied at the checkout section on the website. Just pick your supply and how many tablets you want and add one of the below codes: 

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Will you be tying HairREV or have you already tried it?

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