Sunday Hair

Sundays really are made for skin prep, body pampers and hair treats. After a long week of wearing makeup and spraying endless products in my hair, Sunday is the day to have a skin detox and to get rid of all product build up in your hair. With summer holidays coming up, it is really important to ensure your hair is hydrated and protected so it doesn't dry up in the sun and become a crumpled mess. Get those sea salt sprays, argan oils and heat protect sprays out girls.  To really soak my hair in moisture and help prevent breakage then I always go for some kind of Argan or Moroccan Oil but I have two newbies to introduce to you today which I am loving... 

Revlon Professional Coconut All In One Hair Treatment* | Revlon have created a beautiful light spray that is scented with a light coconut scent and holds 10 benefits to help improve your hair. With a blend of coconut fragrance, vanilla and hazelnut this is the ultimate treatment for dry ends that need taking care of. I spray about 3 spritz's onto my damp hair and leave it to soak in where leaves you with enviable volume and body. This is a hair care wonder that we dream of having. 

Sexy Hair Soy Renewal CrΓ¨me Oil* | Once I've coated my hair in coconut treatments, I like to go in with something a little more intense that helps condition and style my hair. Sexy hair have taken their original Argan Oil but have put it into cream form, making it suitable for the finest of hair types. The Soy Renewal Creme is a blow drying creme that speeds up the process and protects your hair from heat damage. Packed full of rich ingredients that soften and moisturise the hair, you are left with healthy looking hair that beam with shine. I squidge a dollop of this into my damp hair and either blow dry my hair upside down for ultimate volume or I'll blow dry it with a brush to style it at the same time. The argan creme adds a rough texture to my hair making it easier to work with and style. This really is sexy hair in a bottle. 

What are your hair care staples?

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